With no time, Samsung announced back-to-back devices in the 2015 and one more to join this race is the Samsung’s upcoming tablet series Samsung Galaxy Tab 5.

The good news that Samsung Galaxy Tab 5 would be inspired by the flawless Samsung Galaxy Tab S. If we were to define briefly the Galaxy Tab 10.5 S, we say that it is bigger version of Galaxy S5 large, therefore its design and functionality and new features are awesome. Samsung Galaxy Tab S is unlike other tablets, including ultra-thin Sony Xperia Z2 Tablet or Smart iPad Air, the Galaxy Tab S not particularly striking for its design and construction. But Samsung has done enough on the design, which you could find interesting even if it would be the part of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 5. Well, Galaxy Tab S on the front, it looks similar to other tablets we’ve seen of the Samsung brand and while the back has an interesting texture like the Galaxy S5 remains plastic and it shows to the touch. Unfortunately, the Galaxy Tab S 10.5 has not inherited the resistance to water itself found in the Galaxy S5. The usual mode of use of the Galaxy Tab S 10.5 is horizontally, and this is something we could not accustom us. Although using vertically possible, the position of the capacitive buttons – they are pressed by touching them – causing unwanted when holding the tablet in portrait presses. This complicates, among other activities, web browsing, apps using a vertical interface, reading e-books, and reading. So, it should be directly avoided in the Samsung Galaxy Tab 5.

The strength of the Galaxy Tab S 10.5 is undoubtedly excellent AMOLED display, and Samsung has nailed it with this panel. This is a brilliant panel with good viewing angles, high contrast, vivid colors and deep blacks. The only fault we can draw is that the adaptive mode tends to exaggerate the contrast and saturation, but fortunately can be disabled if you want to see true to life colors and in this AMOLED display, movies in HD 1080p and the most demanding applications move smoothly. The 4K movies play stutters, but would ask them fluently too much like a tablet. Although, we have never seen Super AMOLED display in the Galaxy Tab series, and if Samsung Galaxy Tab 5 would be the very first then its very good news for the people are waiting for the Samsung Galaxy Tab 5 the mid range tablet.

On the software side, Samsung has incorporated many of the features seen in the Galaxy S5 – as the toolbox, Private mode or Children mode – and has continued to incorporate other we’ve seen on other tablets brand – as the multi-window. This tablet Galaxy Tab S also find UX Magazine that although we did not find too useful, it is possible that some users themselves who come to appreciate. So, we would be discovering the whole parts of Samsung Galaxy Tab 5 very soon as its announcement is approaching.

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