The Internet has millions of benefits under its cloak.  The Internet has proved to be utterly useful since its invention in the nineties, and till date, it has become an inseparable part of our lives. Without the benefits of the internet, several things will become unreachable to us. The world uses this tool for communication purposes, information purposes, and several other needs.

The Internet has paved a way for Voips or Voice over Internet protocol. It is a technology for the delivery of messages using voice calls within the boundaries of the internet.  Voips have a high risk of letting out information that might be confidential for some companies or big enterprises. In that whole web of the network, it becomes increasingly difficult to keep all the information safe and prevent hackers and fraudsters from somehow getting our data.

Big enterprises have data that is confidential and necessary for their survival. In case the data gets leaked, it can prove to be hazardous for the company and its profits.

This is Session border controller enters the scene. Session Border Controllers are a network function that helps prevent leaking of data from Voips and protects your private information from being passed on to the wrong hands.

Session Border Controller is different for large enterprises and service providers. The Session Border Controller fit for large enterprises are much more sophisticated, and known as enterprise session border controllers (e-sbcs).

Session Board Controllers And Its Benefits

There are basically a number of System Border Controller option that you can choose from. The options include

ACME PACKET works for service providers and enterprises at the same time. They use the same operating system and takes pride in letting people know that their security is unbreachable.

AUDIO CODES  are built on median media gateways and they offer cisco system bound to portfolios of the router while purchasing dominance in the market regarding telephonic communications.

INGATE offers a two-line functionality with both a firewall and a SIParator that typically fits for comparatively small-scale enterprises.

Session Border Controllers have various uses. They can be used for protecting your information using a firewall and securing your data. This is return pulls away hackers that might steal your information. Session Border Controllers are also used to ensure smooth connectivity between two devices, and also used for lawful intrusion in many scenarios.

Session Border controllers help in using more than 250,000 sim registrations and also allows more than 200000 sim calls. They use session initiation protocol or IPv4 among different other operators.


SBC is extremely important for big companies and enterprises as it protects their confidential information from getting stolen by hackers and finding their ways into wrong hands. This in return helps the enterprises to survive.

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