For those who have not tried using Microsoft Dynamics, it is a business application that is a cloud-based umbrella business solution that focuses on customer relationship management or CRM.

A lot of businesses nowadays both small and large corporations are taking full advantage of its very useful features because of its effectiveness in giving them the best business solutions available online. It has two new editions for businesses and enterprises each with its own different levels of applications and features that you can benefit from.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 provides your business with customer insights, customer service, and field service. The customer insight of Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a combination of customer data grabbed from the Dynamics 365 and the Office 365 along with a third party source while the customer service comes with customer engagement tools along with customer self-service along with communities, the tools that are needed for support agents and the field of services provide your business with scheduling resources along with contract management, inventory management, and the insight into the internet of things.

microsoft dynamics crm partners

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  1. Improved flexibility– Using Dynamics 365’s modular licensing model, the users are not required to saddle themselves with the less-needed applications, instead, they can select the applications that they frequently use and build a tailor-fitted solution that suits their needs.
  2. Intelligent way to get native insights– Because of its ability to consolidate all the processes into a single solution is not just about the convenience, it also helps you learn more about your business. Using Dynamics 365 you will enjoy the Artificial Intelligence (AI) infused business intelligence tool in powering your business processes efficiently.
  3. Improves productivity– Since it breaks down data silos and allows business applications to share information in a centralized and organized system and provides access to your team for all the data needed.
  4. The CRM information is stored in a single place– Because of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM; you can keep all the information of your customers in a single place where you do no longer have to expand with silos of information so that everyone can access it conveniently.
  5. Improved communications for customers– Knowing that all of the data of the customer interactions are stored in Microsoft Dynamics CRM, it has a combined range of tools as well as integration using Microsoft Outlook as soon as you want to improve your customer communications to improve your business’ efficiency.
  6. Microsoft Dynamics CRM can install best practice– Your business processes can improve very well as properly implemented knowing that Microsoft Dynamics CRM can install the best practice approach as your customer retention and your revenue can increase as well as how your staff can improve their way of communicating with your customers efficiently.

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