Mobile phone is what people in this generation use more.  They spend more time in selecting the mobile phones.  Not only buying the mobile but also maintaining the mobile is what they are well aware off.  There are thousands of mobile applications people can find in the internet.  The mobile applications are one of the things that grab the people’s attraction. This is where the people spend their time more.  Intense care must be given when using the mobile phones.  Nowadays, there are many things that happen in the world because of the mobile phones.

        The hacker in the market is what people need to concentrate. People need to take the certain steps to stop the activities of the hackers in the mobile.  The numbers of mobile application available are beyond the count. People are using the mobile application without knowing about its reliability. They are the key reason for the hackers to enter the mobile.  In this decade, mobile are what people using to do bank related works and paying bills etc. The hackers will steal the money using the information in the mobile.   The virus in the mobile slows down the speed of the system.


    Other than virus and hackers, the spywares is what people need to be more aware of.  People somewhere will watch the activities of the people using the spyware mobile phones via the camera.  They steal the confidential information in the mobile and use them to blackmail us or use them against us. On the whole, the reputation of the people is damaged among the society.  There are many people in the world became the victim of above problems.  This is why the experts in the markets are advice the people to use the mobile phones wisely.

        The VASCO’s two factor authentication, antivirus and other system securities are available in the market. They are the best way to stop such activities of the people in the world and save the data and privacy from the other people.  There are many software’s available in the market, it is necessary to find the best product in the market.

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