While running a business there are two aspects that are extremely essential 1. Money and 2. Manpower. Both these aspects are extremely important and interlinked. Therefore, it is very essential that there is a complete tracking of these aspects.

Though maintaining the track for both is tedious and time taking, maintaining the finance records is considered extremely tough, time taking and error prone. Traditionally there are various booking keeping systems that are can be used to maintain the details of the finances. However, maintaining physical records are always prone to human calculation errors that can mislead the facts.


Thanks to the developments in technology, there is no more a concern about maintaining financial records in books. Considering the importance of having error free accounting details has led to the introduction of MYOB. MYOB is nothing but a virtual booking keeping platform that enables you to enter, track and update anything and everything about your company’s finances. With its very introduction MYOB Premier Software has been critically as well as commercially acclaimed due to the following reasons:

  • Easy access: As all the data is stored on the virtual space, anybody who have the authentication credentials can access and use the data. Thus, anybody can work from anywhere and thus also reduces the problem the carrying of physical copies that are not comfortable to carry and easily prone to theft.
  • Fast Input: When it comes to the traditional accounting system wherein a person is doing the data entry and maintaining the same, it is extremely painful and time consuming. In addition, manual accounting system is prone to duplication of data. However, the virtual storage applications give you a vast scope for not just maintaining the records but also to automatically generate records.
  • Accuracy is a must: When dealing with the finances, it is very essential that the data recorded and updated is accurate. However, in manual maintenance the data is prone to mistakes and miscalculations. However, the virtual MYOB ensures complete security and zero duplication. Also, MYOB allows the employees to look at the live updates as every action is taken and implemented very properly
  • Cost effective: It is a known fact that hiring someone to maintain the financial information is extremely expensive and every month affair. However, the virtual technology MYOB proves to be an extremely cost friendly software which is one time. As the financial update are happening live through MYOB, it helps reduce financial and operational expenses.

In addition to the above mentioned benefits, there are many benefits of using MYOB. However, the fact lies as it is a new technology it is essential for people to acquire a training/knowledge to handle this software. In such scenario there are many training institutes that are capable of training people to use this software. Though there are many institutes that promise thorough training and certification in this technology, the one name that has been talk of the town is A.1Business Ltd. With its very introduction, A-1 business Pvt lt has marked the status of top Singapore MYOB training provider.

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