There is a lot of news circulating recently from top tech companies like Google, Apple, and Microsoft. These companies are constantly creating new technology that pushes the envelope and surprises users from all around the globe. For these top companies, circuit boards play an important role, it provides a power source for all technological devices including phones, computers, tablets, cameras, and many other devices and systems. Updating their tools to circuit boards makes them even more remarkable and inventive.

Let’s take a look at how top tech companies are using circuit boards today.


This does not come as a surprise that Apple incorporates circuit boards in its phones, tablets, and computers. With new Apple products hitting the market almost every year, circuit board design must also keep up. One upcoming product is the iPhone 8 with an OLED display, which stands for organic light-emitting diode. Because these screens do not have backlights, they are more effective in a dark room than LCD screens. Currently, the company is still relying on millions of flexible printed circuit boards to connect the OLED display and their phone product components, specifically the iPhone 8.

Printed Circuit Board


Microsoft also relies on printed circuit boards for their tech products, just recently they’ve introduced an innovative way to 3-D print simple computer circuits from home. The objective is to print the metallic connective traces on photo paper and then use electrically conductive tape to attach the printed circuit boards to the paper. Though these circuit printed boards are not as high-tech as custom-built circuit boards, they are still amazing to see that an innovative technology that can quickly reproduce circuit boards from home.


Just like Apple and Microsoft, this audio compression technology relies on circuit boards for their technology to work effectively. The circuit boards help produce optimum sound quality for soundtracks and recordings with good quality of sound. The company is proud of its first professional video product Video NR Module in 205, they seek assistance for neon artist Shawna Peterson to reproduce the circuit board using neon.

From one top company of Apple to another large one of Microsoft, companies all over the globe are relying on circuit boards to make a more advanced technology. These products track our steps, Power our aircraft, and help us connect with our loved ones in just a touch of a button. Billions of people depend on these products and their circuit boards to perform for them in their daily lives.

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