It has been more than half year since Unlock iPhone 6 Plus has been released. It brought many new changes and improvements in comparison to its predecessors and drastically improved the security of Apple’s devices. Also a new firmware was released along with the iPhone 6 Plus which made the product even more attractive.

how to unlock iPhone 6 Plus

Because of the appeal of the iPhone 6 Plus many people rushed to obtain the device as soon as possible. Many large GSM operators have benefited from this because the iPhone itself is really expensive gadget so some operators started offering the product at very low prices but under one condition – with 2 years contract that the users will only use their GSM network particular services.

Unlock iPhone 6 Plus Service via IMEI Code

 When your Unlock iPhone 6 Plus is locked to some carrier you are limited in the usage of your device. Because of this many people are trying to find a way to permanently unlock their iPhone 6/6+. Some even try to use some hack methods such as using the popular software tools SAM or utlrasn0w or hardware such as Gevey and R-SIM. But little did they know that with these methods it is impossible to unlock iPhone 6 plus which operates on iOS 8.1.2 or higher.

So if you are trying to unlock your iPhone 6 then do not try to use some hack methods.

How to Unlock iPhone 6 Plus on any Sim card

The best option in situation like this is to use the popular IMEI unlock method. This is official and legal way in which you can permanently and on factory grade unlock your iPhone 6/+6+ device. The unlock delivery time is really short and should take around two days to be completed. Also, if you use the IMEI unlock method you will save money because it is not as expensive as going to some Apple store.

And once your iPhone 6/6+ is unlocked via IMEI unlock it will be Sim free and you can use it with any Mobile operator around the globe you like.  So do not hesitate because the IMEI unlock is the right choice when it comes to unlocking iPhone 6/6+.

On what carrier network use Unlocked iPhone 6 Plus

When will be complete the unlock process on your iPhone 6 Plus now will use on any carrier in the world you like. Will be available to use on AT&T, Vodafone, T-Mobile, O2 UK, Verizon and any other sim card. If you go out from your country now not is need to pay the roaming pricess, will use the some sim card int country where will go.  If your iPhone have iCloud Lock not wory is possible to be unlocked and this. We have service for iCloud Unlock in five steps and for free.

How to Complete the Unlock iPhone 6 Plus Process

Very important and the last process is to connect your iPhone 6 Plus on iTunes and to make restore and update. When this will be done is need to add your sim card in your iPhone 6 Plus and to set your new device. This is standard procedure how first activation on iPhone. This is all need to do. For the latest news please follow uson our social networks.

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