So many people may already be privy to the fact that cell phones may be exposing us to radiation at unhealthy levels. With cell phones being an almost necessary tool in today’s modern world, about two billion people operate a cell phone globally. Mobile phones have become important, over a million business transactions use the cell phone to carry out trading activities including buying and selling, trades, stocks and so much more. Aires Technology radiation cell phone case presents the perfect solution to protecting your health from the harmful effects of cell phone radiation.

Although not practically proven, experts have been able to link a number of diseases like high blood pressure, cancer and even Alzheimer to cell phone usage. Scientists claim that the accumulation of radiation in the body overtime can affect people differently. One thing is certain, that only a person in good health can manage family budget and run a business properly.

Aires Technology radiation cell phone case

Therefore, inculcating habits that can help us limit our exposure to radiation has become necessary; here are a few to begin with.

  1. Spend less time on the phone. Studies have shown that a 3 minute phone call is capable of altering the brain’s normal electrical function by an hour. It is therefore crucial that we make fewer phone calls, and keep them as short as possible.
  2. Text When You Can. Although not when you are driving or operating a machine, but it is advisable to text more when we can. So long as there is a possibility of passing information via text, then avoid making phone calls at all times.
  3. Replace your Smartphone with a lower radiation phone. During a call, electromagnetic waves are transmitted from the phone through its antenna. Experts are unsure of how dangerous a threat these electromagnetic waves are to our overall health, still it is recommended to replace your phones with ones that emit lower amounts of radiation.
  4. Use a headset or speaker. It is still hard to ascertain if using a speaker or headset would reduce the likelihood of radiation. But it is indeed a fact that the electromagnetic waves transmitted by a phone are most times absorbed into the brain (temporal lobe). Vision, hearing memory and speech are all controlled by the temporal lobe.

Why you might need protection against cell phone radiation?

More research have continued to reveal varieties of health risk associated with everyday cell phone usage like insomnia, weaker immune system, brain cancer, fatigue and headaches. Electromagnetic waves from cell phones pose a threat to our health in two ways; the non-ionizing wave heats up brain cells and can affect natural biochemical balance. Secondly, they can also break DNA bonds which in turn results in cancer.

Serious Problem with an easy solution

As we learn more about the dangers our gadgets may pose to our health, we should take the necessary precautions as there is a glaring need to do so.

We cannot do away with our cell phones in this modern world, but with a radiation cell phone case a simple and tested way to decrease and shield us from EMFs-, we can enjoy our devices the safest way possible.


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