Basing on our present lifestyle, we must admit technology has taken over our lives. It is all over. Human activity has spread wide and far, and it is all over our lives. We are used to watching videos. At times we may wish to have a collection of videos, where we may be watching at will. You may want to know how to make a youtube playlist. This is a normal process with clear procedures. We have to realize that criminals are awake and have taken advantage of technology. Cyber crimes are all over.   we have reasons for being concerned. Technology keeps pumping our lives with many changes such that we are in a dilemma. Everywhere we go, people talk about technology. It has given our lives a new breath. It has maintained us. we must admit that there are so many changes always taking place in our lives. Our lives have changed for the better.

We are now living in advanced moments of our lives. we are however worried about cyber crimes. They are committed by our own youths. The many idle youths around are a reason for concern. In the first place, if you wish to create a youtube playlist, you should select the video that you want to put in the YouTube, Where you must visit After selecting the video of your choice, you will be required to save it. Then you give your playlist at least a name for future identification. Then you should select whom you will want to share the video with. It is just about a lengthy process. But it must be realized that creating a youtube playlist is as easy as that.

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However, we must be on the lookout for cybercrimes and piracy. The criminals are many, and coning people at almost every hour. We should just ensure that we remain alert as much as possible. We should not let our morals to decay as we watch. We should be the first ones to report the criminals to the police. We should not let them destroy our society as we watch .the government must try all ways possible to ensure that they arrest and rehabilitate the criminals. They can be turned out to be useful members of society. We should note that the criminals are our own children who for one or another reason have lacked what to do, and decide to engage in the criminal activities.

We should ensure that we do not tolerate the criminals we should be harsh on them as much as possible .the laws should be made to bite even if it means our own children. we must take the right move and always ensure that the youths abide by the law.

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