OPPO mobiles are the next generation of smart phones that have proclaimed an entirely novel functionality of mobile phone devices in modern times. While it has already released in certain Asian countries such as Seoul and Beijing, it is yet to release in India sometime during the latter half of this year. As always, smart phones brought about an entirely new perspective on multimedia and mobile operation, thus it will not be a wonder if this latest model also creates quite a whirlwind in the world of technology.

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Let’s take a look at some of the benefits promised by this OPPO novel model.

  • High resolution of camera: What is particularly amazing about this model is it’s camera that comes equipped with a CMOS sensor holding a 13MP resolution. The image processing support chips are built from Fujitsu Imaging Chip, which is why the camera has the unique ability to rotate around in considerable number of degrees and hence act as both the front camera as well as the rear camera. This dual function not only heightens picture quality but also enhances user’s convenience.
  • Android version: This model offers a very limited and highly privileged android version, namely v4 2.2Jelly Bean along with Color OS. This greatly powers the system software and enables multitasking for long hours without hanging up or breaking down altogether. Also, one can download varied types of apps with the help of such a progressive version.
  • Sound quality: This model boasts of auto focus stereo sound quality with prompt cancellation of any background, low quality noise, thus providing a world-class experience to the user. The in-built microphones are dedicated and very hardy. With such an advanced sound quality it becomes all the more easier to view or listen to videos, which by the way can be recorded at high speeds, almost up to 40fps and that too in a HDR mode.
  • RAM: It possesses a 2 GB RAM which can be expanded with the help of a memory card. Also essentially this device is a Quad-core7 GHz Krait with a 300 CPU version.
  • Data accessibility: Features like bluetooth, Wi-Fi as well as USB support are very much strong and advanced. Moreover there is a built-in storage of up to 32 GB. One can access GPS and Wi-Fi directly as the devices notifies the presence of both in the vicinity. The Wi-Fi is dual band in nature which increases it’s functionality.
  • Texture: This model is extremely smart and trendy and it looks so too. In spite of having a monstrous capacity of multi-tasking, it holds a beautiful texture owing to its aluminum and smooth polycarbonate finish.
  • Bluetooth control package: This is one feature that is not really present in any smart phone till date. With this feature one can optimally control bluetooth availability in just a single click.
  • Novel features: This device has an in-built accelerometer as well as a proximity sensor which is highly sensitive to surrounding conditions and keeps the user informed about any physical change. This feature can be greatly manipulated to the benefit of the user.

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