Multi-walled CNTs have characteristics similar to those of single-walled pipes, but they also have many differences. There are many pipes that combine into cylinders and form multi-walled carbon pipes. The diameter of these walls can be about 30 nm, and they have many characteristics that can be used with a large number of applications. Characteristics of the walls improve the process performance at any place that is used.

There is a unique structure of multi-walled carbon nanotubes; however, some of them consider it complex in many respects due to the complex arrangement of atoms in various structures. One of the simple devices is considered when there are identical layers, but the diameter is different.

Sometimes more than two carbon tubes can be arranged mixed. Basically, the structure of a nanotube will determine properties that include density, thermal conductivity, electrical conductivity, lattice structure, and more.

Many know that the diameter and type two are the most important factors. It is clear that the wider the diameter MW CMT, the performance will be similar to the characteristics of graphite. In the same way, when the pipes are narrow, the property will be more inherent.

Multi walled carbon nanotubes

Properties of multi-walled carbon nanotubes

The properties of multi-walled CNTs stem from the carbon structure, which has a high proportion and small geometry. When these tubes are used, there is an improvement in mechanical and electrical properties, thermal conductivity and many others. The tensile strength of multi-walled carbon wall pipes is high, so they are combined into various composite materials, such as thermosetting and thermoplastic materials.

Another property of multi walled carbon nanotubes is their high electrical conductivity, however, only the outer walls are conductive in nature, not inner. When it comes to stability, it exceeds 600 degrees, which means that this function depends on some defects. They even have greater chemical stability, which means that they can improve dispersibility and strength when used in compounds. In addition to this, they also do not have various defects, so they are preferred for use for various purposes and applications.


When it comes to buying nanotubes, be sure to find a reliable distributor who can offer you high-quality products. In addition, they necessarily set economic tariffs, since they do not add additional costs to the final price.

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