A year ago, a top rated social networking platform Facebook took over the messaging company WhatsApp for over sixteen billion dollars. That is tremendously huge sum of money. So let us know, what is WhatsApp and how to download WhatsApp? The WhatsApp is hugely popular in United States, Europe, Latin America and parts of Asia. WhatsApp is a messaging app which allows users to text, message, and chat on voice or video to individuals and in groups. The entire WhatsApp runs on the sole need of messaging unlimited with the help of only internet. It does not require monthly payments or continues recharges.

The WhatsApp is a service which is currently provided to around 450 million users on the average. The vast spread use in many parts of the world has put it on the top of the chart. However, many critics love to play the blame game and thus, mark the WhatsApp as a reason for divorce. Hence, it is not allowed in some orthodox countries of the world. On the contrary, there are plenty of apps which offer similar service such as Skype, Line and many more. Nevertheless, none of them have gained as much popularity as WhatsApp.

The WhatsApp app brings the world together. The major problem between communications between two people is distance. WhatsApp reduces this difference. The high definition quality of video and voice calls are alluring and captivating. You can share any type of files between individuals and within group of more than two people. The documents such as PDF files, videos, music files, pictures, GIF, camera and video clicks can be shared instantaneously. The WhatsApp is convenient to use, even for naïve people who have no experience of using smart phones. By using WhatsApp or WhatsApp Plus, you will not be paying for hefty cell phone bills when you call between countries.

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How to download WhatsApp?

In the cellphone era, it has become a habit of pople to constantly being socially alert and in contact with your loved ones. Thus, now even if you are far from your homeland, do not fret. Use WhatsApp for easier communication. Download it on your phone and activate it by providing a working phone number. The surprising thing with WhatsApp is that, initially it was designed for fun purpose; sooner it took over the market. It is not being predominantly used by students, children, running business ideas, old aged people and many more.

WhatsApp has been specifically designed for smartphones. The smartphones are designed with software of Android, iOS and Windows OS. In every smart phone, there is a market place, where you can download apps, based on storage space of your phone. Similarly, even in these the market places are – Google Play Store, iTunes App Store, Windows Market Place or Blackberry world. Search in this for “WhatsApp”, and tap on download. Depending on the availability of space, it will be downloaded and installed successfully.

In order to use WhatsApp on tablets, you need to ensure you have third party platform vendor to run your phone app on tablets. You can also use the WhatsApp Web service for communicating through laptop or tablet. You can scan the QR code and get connected at ease.

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