If you need to quickly set up a short-term cloud computing instance, IBM is probably not the option for you. Whereas other cloud suppliers can set up instances in seconds or minutes, configuring a Bluemix bare metal server might take up to four hours. While the versatility and customization options make the time lag acceptable in some scenarios, it is definitely not the ideal solution for a team building up a short dev or test environment that will only be used for a few hours or days. IBM i cloud is also definitely not the greatest option for firms who are extremely cost-conscious. While its storage costs are incredibly competitive, its computation costs are not.

The platform has a high availability.

The IBM Cloud console is globally accessible and load balanced through a single URL. It is extremely available and keeps running even if your resources are unavailable. Catalogs, global search and tagging, authentication and access control, and account management are also available internationally and load balanced across many locations. A failover plan is in place to keep your resources operational without your intervention. Each platform service is classified as a general availability service with a Service Level Agreement (SLA) of up to 98 percent dependability. While each platform service may be offered from several areas, each region where the service is implemented includes numerous data centers for redundancy.

IBM i cloud

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

The GDPR aspires to create a unified data protection legislation framework across the EU and to restore individuals’ sovereignty over their personal data. The GDPR puts stringent requirements on anyone that host and process personal data anywhere in the globe.IBM is committed to offering innovative data privacy, security, and governance solutions to our clients and IBM Business Partners to help them achieve GDPR compliance. Individuals and society are growing increasingly concerned with data and data privacy. Enterprises must gain the client’s confidence in their capacity to manage information. IBM i-Cloud is a flexible and scalable platform with built-in data security and privacy services and solutions that may be used on-premises or in the public cloud.

IBM Cloud Security and Compliance Center

Continuous security inside a cloud environment is a critical first step toward securing customer and application data in highly regulated businesses such as financial services. Historically, that procedure was complicated and time-consuming, putting your business at danger. However, with the IBM Cloud® Security and Compliance Center, you can incorporate automated security checks into daily activities that are meant to reduce risk. By monitoring for risks, you may uncover security flaws and respond immediately to limit the effect and resolve the problem. With the Security and Compliance Center, you can achieve continuous security and compliance from within the IBM Cloud platform. A unified dashboard allows you to view your legal and management positions.

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