Do you want to buy windows 10? Are you willing to upgrade the system with latest OS? Then there is couple of ways that will make sure about you being legal with the windows buying option. In case you make it in alternative way, you may end up illegally. Before starting the process, it is important to remember few things. It is about legit buying and accessing. In the cheap OS, do not fall into the trap. You may get scammed and usually get to pay as low as possible. It is clear about selling a product for discount can be chosen instead of preferring a cheap one.

Buying windows 10 means you are buying a license key. You will have the option to download but you may not be able to get the option with downloading. The key can only be used to activate it with valid legality. If you are not sure where to buy windows 10, then you need to check for the guide in obtaining the right edition. Consider the following points in case you meet the particular situation.

  • If you already installed windows 10

If you already have the windows 10 in your system, then you need to activate with license. You need to buy a license with product key and enter the key into the software. It can be updated with the following option

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Setting -> Update and security -> activation

Once you get through this option, you can use the link to key brought with the correct version. In case you do not have the option to buy license, you can buy through this option where you will be redirected to the buying site. Then you can sign in with the Microsoft account with key linking. Once you buy, you will get the key in mail.

  • Buy from Microsoft

Mostly preferred place to buy Microsoft key is the official site of Microsoft. Through this link, you will have access to buy purchase product key for all version of windows pro and home. Then you will get the option to download the windows file and get the activation key in mail. Once you get the key in mail, you can activate the software for further access.

  • Buy from authorized online site

There are few sites which gives access to cheap software keys. These are always authorized sites the can make sure about buying the key with Microsoft account indirectly. This is actually genuine and you can further access the listing. Later there are many versions of Microsoft available which need to be upgraded. All you need is to check through all the software and spot the suitable site to buy the product key.

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