You will find out what skills are necessary for this business, where to look for customers, how to form pricing for your services and so on. If you want to know how to start a web designer your way, then here are our tips.

Basic knowledge

At the first stages, it is important at least an indirect understanding of the basic things in the field of web design. Read several books on this topic, subscribe to interesting newsletters on thematic sites, and, of course, read the rest of my blog articles.

Ideally, you need to go through a step-by-step video course on web design in order to radically change the level of knowledge in this area and several times to increase the speed of further professional growth. After you absorb the basics of this subject, you can proceed to study specific issues.

Find information on the Internet on the details that you are worried about, and scrupulously study them. Always strive to gain new knowledge. Each new micro-chip will positively affect the subsequent work. Do not know where to start learning to become a web designer? Pay attention to the principles and basics of this case (HTML5, CSS3, etc.), the combination of various elements and the famous “game with flowers and fonts” that customers love so much in the first stages.

Programs for development

Often people, who do not know where to start learning about web design, grab for everything at once. Do not download all the graphics editors that you know exist. To create a normal design work, one program will suffice at first – Photoshop. Constantly improve in this graphic editor, and you will be happy, golden piastres and a house.

  • Practical course on creating design of sites in Photoshop
  • Become a professional web designer, creating demanded site layouts.

Photoshop is not an easy thing, and you’ll have to spend a fair amount of time studying it, nevertheless, we are not afraid of difficulties, are we?

Estimated training time

The time it takes to become a master of web design depends solely on your perseverance, desire and desire. I advise you not to overdo it with training and not force yourself to forcibly cram something, otherwise it will quickly get bored. Professional growth will only happen with a sincere spiritual desire for what you are doing.

To create something more or less suitable, it took me about 3-4 months to study articles, books and video lessons. You are fortunate enough to get on this blog, because here I am structured giving information and answer in detail the questions, the answers to which I got no faster than the diamonds from the mountains to the gnomes. Learn new information, try, look again, try again and in six months you will have good design skills that will eventually bring a good income.

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