According to recent research reports, more than 80% of people with a poor user experience shop with a competitor. Yes, if your website isn’t user-friendly or appealing to your audience, you could risk losing some leads to your competitors. Here we’ve listed a few web design best practices you must employ to ensure that your website is attracting new leads and keeping them engaged.

Know Your Audience

Knowing your target audience is vital to create a website that best serves the needs of your customers. In order to find your target audience, you must analyze your website visitors based on different parameters such as demographics, buying habits, occupation, income, pain points, and more. Once you determine your target audience, it would be easier for you to build an effective website that converts.

Create a Style Guide

Establishing your style guide is imperative to improve your brand identity and keep a consistent brand image. Your style guide must include the color scheme you are going to implement on your website, font style, image style, and more. It must also provide details on how the pages on your website are displayed. No matter which web design company in Atlanta you choose, you will have a style guide for the designers that gives them insights on how to create different elements on your website.

Don’t Forget the Navigation Bar

A navigation bar is a crucial component for your website and is essential to create organized navigation. It helps the users to find information quickly and encourages them to come back to your site. According to a leading Atlanta SEO company, more than 80% of people are less likely to return to a website that doesn’t have a navigation bar.

Page Layout

Creating an effective page layout is the foundation to provide a fantastic user experience to your visitors. Even though the page layout varies depending upon the page, it’s recommended to create a general layout for pages of similar types. This ensures your website is consistent and eye-pleasing.


Use more visuals like images and videos on your websites because it helps them understand your story better. Some of the reasons why visitors choose visual over long content are, they do not have enough time to stay and read low tolerance for long content, and an attraction towards engaging visual content.

But, integrating high-quality images on your site increases the page load time. This also leads to a high bounce rate. So, the professionals from the leading web design company in Atlanta recommend compressing images without compromising the quality. This improves page speed. Also, host your videos on third-party platforms such as Vimeo and embed the code on your site. It also prevents your website from slowing down.


In addition to the above-listed practices, you must also include valid call-to-actions, ensure your website is mobile-responsive, and optimize your website for SEO to get better results. Contact the best SEO and social medial agencies in Atlanta for more help.

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