There has been tremendous growth in the telecommunication sector world over leading to a rise in many companies such as One Way SMS Singapore. My profound interest in this company was born after it was announced as a leader in the Singapore SMS business marketing. It made its name and fortune amongst the other mobile communication providers in the industry through intensely focusing on offering efficient solutions in mobile communication. These solutions have over time been provided at affordable rates for both Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and large corporate institutions within Singapore.

The insightful journey of One Way SMS

One Way SMS has over the years since its establishment stamped its authority in several developed countries such as New Zealand, Australia, Malaysia and it has also set a foothold in Singapore. With a team of passionate, customer driven, enthusiastic, experienced and professional staff and a clear focus as a guideline, the company has helped organizations and business across Singapore enjoy and achieve decisive mobile communication goals and needs without hiccups.

Their well-crafted vision aimed at “being a highly reputable leader and preferred partner in fulfilling customers’ mobile communication needs” has led them to be a mobile communication provider of choice. This milestone has been made possible by engaging and deploying a capable workforce that is motivated, experienced, have an expertise in the mobile communication industry. The company aims at providing the best and top-notch services to the clients with a deeper understanding of their operations to give them an appropriate product and services. The company is guided by affordability, simplicity and practicality principles to offer valuable and above all practical solutions tailored towards addressing specific customer needs in all sectors. And that makes us the trusted, spoken of and sought after leader in the Singapore SMS business marketing.

The magnificent SMS products offered by One Way SMS

As a mobile communication company, we make communication conveyance effective with a platform that is reliable, fast, and easy to use, with secure access and a complete value for every coin invested with us.

Bulk SMS for Business

This SMS solution is designed to simplify interaction and communication between our clients and their customers or end users.

In case you need a service to cater for the following scenarios, we have that solution for you. These scenarios are for example:

  • An instance where you need to announce an event, e.g., outlet launches, upcoming sales, etc.
  • When you want to send regular notifications, announcements, and publications
  • When clients want to send vital updates regarding their accounts
  • Sending some reminders for appointments among others

To cater for the scenarios listed above, we offer three options that are free of charge to send SMS. They include:

  • Sending SMS via the Online Web SMS System
  • Sending SMS via Application Programming Interface (API)
  • Sending SMS via Email

Picture SMS

This feature is designed to make the message unique. It is instrumental when the product you are dealing with, e.g., a cloth line, menu, property, etc., is somewhat tricky to describe definitivelydescribe. A picture caption will save you the hustle and tell it all for you.

Simple steps to follow when sending and receiving a picture SMS are:

  • Upload Image
  • Send SMS
  • Receive SMS
  • View Image
  • Keep Track

Customizable Interactive SMS

This service is useful and designed towards increasing customers’ engagement on an affordable marketing platform where clients can conduct surveys, create polls and start contests effortlessly. Run polls or surveys and get a popular opinion, get valuable feedback, boost your customer base by running a fun but interactive game through this package.

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