A couple of years back a survey report was published at pewinternet.org, which revealed that 15% of United States citizens do not use the Internet at all and approximately 9% people don’t use the Internet at home.

This information arises a question that why they are making a distance from the Internet? Are they not educated enough to understand the intricacies of the technology?

9% people use the Internet at their office only and they stay away from making personal monetary transactions through it. This percentage was recorded a couple of years ago, this percentage may have decreased by now. A million dollar question is why these people are not sharing personal information on the World Wide Web.

Website Design

Digital marketing companies use different kinds of survey to improve their services. If we take the above survey, for instance, there are several questions which are unanswered. In this kind of survey, they have not mentioned that why 15% of Americans are not using the Internet. What is the reason behind it? Is it a complex website design? Do they find it difficult to get the relevant information they are searching for? Here are a couple of things by which you can improve your services, whether you are providing digital marketing or website design services.

Welcome Suggestions

When you are open for suggestions, you can improve your services as per the requirements of your customers. Website design companies can also conduct a research program to find out the faults in their services and what new they can add? What their customers want them to include other than the services they are providing?


People always want to take the services of a company who are innovative. When you contact a web design company who are consistently generating new ideas for their customers, there are ample chances that you will also get an innovative website design. When these professionals will combine their innovation with technology, you will get astonishing results.

In order to get appealing designs, it is natural that you need new ideas. To get something different, it is imperative to conduct a research on the World Wide Web. During the search you will get some wonderful suggestions to apply. You will also come to know how to change your present the website design?

Why Netizens Do Not Provide Information On The Internet?

There are several reports published in this context and nearly all of them revealed that netizens are fearful of giving the information on the websites. We all are aware about the online threats and after every 2-3 month, you will find a new online threat. This is the reason which is refraining people from using the Internet for their monetary transactions. In the present scenario websites who are using secure payment gateways. By getting a friendly website design and using enhanced security features, you will build the confidence level of your customers. Ask your website design companies to use the best technology available in this regard.


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