Social Media Manager Bots are used to automatically engage visitors and manage posts on social media. They are not fully AI yet, with emphasis on the word yet. Bots are well on their way into being really autonomous and start thinking for themselves. Bots, starting with chatbots, are here to stay and below are some of the reasons why.

They Are Cheap

Chatbots and other kinds of bots especially in social media are simply so much cheaper to run than an actual person and are infinitely more reliable. Social media automation is key to growing your online presence steadily. Engagement is the main commodity in social media marketing and bots are simply the most efficient way to achieve this. Some of the best marketing bots can actually engage on a personal and individual level, sending friend requests and would be virtually indistinguishable from their human counterparts.

the best marketing bots

Some Are Used To Track

This would scare some people and rightly so. This means that bots and some are very powerful AI’s track every click and every site that you visit just to get ahead of other bots to offer you relevant ads based on your browsing habits. You can easily test this fact, let us say, for example, you have been searching for a particular phone online. You go to a website and check out its reviews and its features. Later on, before even knowing how it got there, your Instagram, twitter, and facebook feed all have content about the phone you are researching. This may seem science fiction but it is just a bot tracking what you click on in social media. This utility alone will make bots an indispensable tool in the marketplaces of the future, where properly targeting customers is key to converting ads into sales and clicks into dollars.

Social Media Engagement

Most bots these days are used for interaction with customers. This is very important as social media accounts, especially for businesses are the equivalent of a storefront these days. Imagine walking into a store and no one greets you, right? You would probably walk out as fast as you can and take your business somewhere else. With the help of specialized bots, they can immediately engage the person visiting your website or page with greetings and questions. This, in turn, will make the visitor feel like they are welcome and that will make all the difference in the world. You can also make the bots post relevant articles or engaging content to keep visitors subscribed and keep coming back to your site.

Final Words

Internet bots are a tool, and like all tools have double-edged sides to them. They can be wielded to do harm or good and if you are a business owner, it is best to use it for good and be on the good side of karma.

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