More and more people are realising their dreams by quitting their jobs and going it alone, and a majority of these new entrepreneurs are online retailers, as e-commerce swiftly makes itself the preferred method of buying goods and services for millions of consumers worldwide. Aside from having the right products and the right prices, one also needs a reliable platform to run the shopping cart site, and if you are thinking of joining the many thousands who are selling online, here is a guide to sourcing the right software for your e-commerce site.

  • Use Magento Commerce – Ask any experienced e-commerce web developer about the best software and they will invariably mention Magento, which is an innovative, open source software that can be tailored to suit the client’s needs. If, for example, a person is looking for Magento development in Melbourne, there are local developers who can create the perfect platform, from which to launch your online business, and with their ongoing support, you are ensured an efficient and reliable e-commerce platform that won’t cost a fortune.
  • Source an Experienced Developer – Magento might be the ideal software, but you still need a developer who can tailor the platform to suit your business, and a Google search is the best place to start. Once you have found the right partner, they will help you to design a fast and easy to navigate shopping cart site, and with round the clock support, you will never experience downtime.

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  • Your Input – Their Expertise – Magento is open source software and many developers are able to add powerful tools to suit their client. Prior to designing the website, the design team would want to know many things about your line of business, and by becoming familiar with your business, they are able to design the perfect platform. Magento Commerce has two popular versions, namely Magento Community and Magento Enterprise, and each has its own specific merits, and the choice would depend on the type of business, and your software developer would recommend the best version and then would set about customising it to include many powerful tools.
  • Ongoing Support – There’s little point in creating a highly efficient shopping cart site with zero support, and with the right developer in your corner, you can rest assured that your site will always be running, and with crucial updates and patches coming out all the time, the developer would update the site automatically.
  • User Friendly – Magento has a very user-friendly interface, and once the customer is instructed by the developer, it is easy to upload text and images onto your site, giving you control over every aspect. There are many powerful tools to help you improve conversion rates and for analysing data, empowering you in many ways.

The only way to get ahead in the very competitive field of online retailing is to enlist the help of a web design expert who has working experience with Magento, and with their help, you are well on your way to success.

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