Everyone wants to know how to make the best paper airplane? Others even come up with queries as to how to make a paper airplane easy fast cool? Whatever it is you wish to go for, firstly you ought to know how to make the basic air plane.

How to get started?

Get your paper and get started. It is the first step of building your own air plane. You need to get a rectangular piece of paper be it of any color and size. Size and color of the paper can be selected according to one’s wish. You can also use old newspapers to make the airplanes. This is the most effective way to make use of old papers. It is very important for you to follow each and every step of this guide properly to ensure the best time of flight for your air plane.

How To Make The Best Paper Airplane

  1. Fold the paper into half to get a rectangle longer than the previous one.
  2. Now open the rectangle and fold the two topmost corners to meet the line in the middle. Make sure to keep it symmetric.
  3. Now flip the paper and foldup the triangle in backward direction. Make sure that it lies flat on the rectangle top.
  4. Now as look at the triangle with the pointed downwards, get hold of the top corners and fold them properly above the triangle tip, about an inch.
  5. Now fold from the tip of the largest triangle to a point till where it cannot go any further than you folded in the previous step.
  6. Check the crease line and fold the plane into half.
  7. Now you will go on to get the wings. Flip the paper and fold the topmost wing to the crease line so that it meets it exactly at the points. Now flip and do it again for the other wing. Now go over the folds with your nail to make sure that they are s sharply folded. This provides them a proper finish and these creased lines and folds will help the plane fly faster and higher.

No matter what you wish to learn, be it to make the Best Paper Airplane Ever for distance or best paper airplane glider following the guide will ensure that you are able to make any of these effortlessly. You need to undergo slight modifications and your work is done

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