Are you stuck with the question which metal detector you should buy? At, read over thousands of their metal detector reviews written by real customers to help you find the best metal detector or accessories. With the tenrows guide, you can buy the best metal detector that caters to your needs.

Most of the people read reviews as options available for a product available online are overwhelming. Tenrows website provides you genuine reviews of customers that help all of you to decide, weed through the hype and get the metal detector machine that works best for you and your hunting style. You can also check out the tenrows guide on metal detectors that provide you clear information on various types of metal detectors.

Tenrows website helps you choose the right metal detector, depending on the experience of other people sharing their thoughts, experiences on different metal detectors that are available in the market. They collect all the genuine reviews and honest opinions from the present and existing customers for others to read and to make a better decision on their next purchase of metal detectors.


It is a known fact that, the higher the price, the perfect and deeper a particular machine will detect, and the more options and features are available to reject a certain unwanted metal that you are not interested in finding. However, there is a huge variety of different models and manufacturers to choose from, and a beginner could be confused and be wondering what to buy for his/her first detector. For this purpose, tenrows website provides a list of popular, time tested models that will get you started on the right track, or find the best detector for your budget.

Most of the metal detector manufacturers provide a large selection of general purpose metal detectors as it is the most popular type of detecting activity for beginners to experienced people. You can use these general purpose metal detectors to look for old coins and relics in private land, schools, and public parks. Tenrows website offers you a guide on top ten metal detectors through which you can pick the best one for you.

On the other hand, if you live near a public beach, and finding silver and gold jewelry is your idea of fun or job, then consider buying a waterproof metal detector and a good quality scoop available at tenrows website to get you some of that loot. As gold and silver prices are touching the sky, you should be able to pay off your purchase in no time. The bigger and older the beach, the more chances you will have at finding jewelry. However, the majority of lost jewelry is in the water and not on dry sand, so a waterproof detector is a must.  You can check out for more details.

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