What is DTH?

DTH or direct-to-home service is the provision of television viewing service to subscribers directly at their home through a digital satellite. A disc placed on the exterior of a house receives signals from the satellite and transmits the same onto the television set inside the house.

Hailed as a pioneering invention, the DTH technology is to television what internet is to mobile phones. Airtel DTH recharge is one the leading direct-to-home service provider in the country coming from the house of Bharti Airtel Limited, one of the foremost telecommunications service company in India.

One can access the service non-stop by getting the monthly Airtel DTH recharge done on a regular basis.

The advantages of using the DTH service are many. Some of them are:-

  1. This service is reachable to any part of the country. There is no physical boundary to the service within a specific region or country.
  2. High picture quality and amazing sound experience are the two important benefits of using the DTH service.
  3. Cable television offers a limited number of channels for viewing. DTH service providers have tie-ups with maximum number of broadcasting channels and hence are able to offer more channels to their subscribers through different packages.
  4. Another advantage of using the DTH services is that different channels can be accessed through the set-top box. Hence there is no requirement of a television channel with different channel numbers.
  5. With a cable network, if the power of supply is down at the cable guys’ location, viewers miss their favorite program. Not so with DTH service because if the television is connected to an alternate source of power, there would be constant service.
  6. Lastly the benefit of using a DTH service is that there services can be recharged online. For example in case one is a subscriber of the Airtel DTH services, can get his Airtel DTH recharge done via accessing the Airtel brand website or one of the third party reseller sites through a computer or a mobile device. Alternately the process of Airtel DTH recharge can be done by physically visiting the Airtel store too.

The basic downside of the DTH is the disruption in services when it is cloudy outside or it is raining. This is because the transmission between the extra-terrestrial satellite and the dish is broken but it is important to remember that it is only a temporary breakdown. The transmission come back on its own, within few minute’s even if the weather continues to be stormy and cloudy for a certain time thereafter. Unlike the cable television where the services do not come back in a faulty service line until and unless the line is repaired.

The only other time the Airtel DTH service breaks down or there is disrupted service is when the subscriber forgets to carry out Airtel DTH recharge or delays it. Hence to enjoy the service with no break, it is important to recharge the DTH service on time.

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