Just like every other phone, the iPhone can also get damaged. That’s why there are so many iPhone Repair centers in the world. Even though the devices comes with water resistance features, that doesn’t mean that your device is not vulnerable to it. Water damage can still cause some malfunctions in your iPhone.

Most of the iPhone models claim to be water-proof. But over time, the Nano-coating that covers the connectors and ports degrades. That means that the device becomes susceptible to water and can seriously damage your phone too.

As Apple doesn’t cover water damage in its warranty services, the water damage repair can cost you a lot. So, if moisture is stuck in your iPhone and it is causing troubles, then you can follow out these tips to fix the water damage.

1: Before you go raiding for the rice jar, make sure that you thoroughly dry it off. Make sure that the iPhone doesn’t stay inside the liquid for long.

2: Turn your iPhone off and avoid using it as much as possible.

3: Take off the case if you have one and take out the SIM card too.

4: Shake your iPhone to blow off as much water as you can from the device.

5: Dry out the phone with the most absorbent cloth you can find and make sure that it is completely dry too.

6: If your warranty period is already over, you can open up your iPhone to dry the inside area better.

7: Leave the phone for almost 24-48 hours. The water will get evaporated or absorbed by the rice. If you can wait for 3 days, then the chances that your iPhone will be better are greater.

Some people don’t know that but iPhone has a water damage indicator in the SIM Slot which becomes red when your phone gets in contact with so much water. If you don’t see the indicator turned red, then you are good to go. But if it is damaged, then you can always contact the best iPhone Repair service, i.e. Mr. Fix. They will help you to fix your iPhone.

Mr. Fix is a team of highly-qualified professionals which offers low cost and high-quality services to repair your damaged devices. Whether your phone has water damage, broken glass, or battery damage issue, you can get it fixed by Mr. Fix. They assure you that the professionals will take extreme care of your device and return it to you in a much better condition. They even provide a lifetime warranty for their repairs.

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