Finding our life’s worth is more than what others might think of or have in mind but then for some their advocacy and being a philanthropist is what their calling is in this world and leaving their mark in this world and make it a lot better place. For some just merely finishing university, landing a good decent job and having their own family is their goal and nothing is wrong with that as long as you do not step on others and deprive them of their goals as well. but for me it has been my advocacy to help my community as I always believe that the more we are able to reach out, we would leave the world a far more better place and imprint our mark here forever and I would feel a lot better and lighter whenever I could be of help to my community.

Ever since that I am still small, my parents would say that I have a compassionate heart and a willing mind to reach out to everyone that I can. I would share my food with street kids or give my shoes when we passed by someone who is barefoot as I would say that I have more pair of slippers and shoes at home than I really needed. Well then, I have carried that attitude until I grew up, finished my degree and now a professional earning my own income. I have put up an organization or a lot more of a foundation which focuses on helping the youth on their education and sports which I believe would be a big help to the community these days in lowering drugs and increasing the literacy rate. I have been reaching out to these group but as much as I wanted to reach more, I would need more funds as this was the reason why I have put up the organization’s website so that more would know about my cause and how I would want to reach out and give back to my community.


I have been receiving donations in cash and in kinds but then it is still not enough if I would want to at least cut into half the youth who are out of school and bring them to sports as well to keep away from drugs and drinking. I have recently looked into digital marketing agency to help me on my aims and goals to reach more sponsors so that I would be able to reach more people with a soft and compassionate hearts and help my organization with their donations for this advocacy. I may not be able to change the world in just a snap of my fingers, but educating one youth at a time would be better than not doing anything at all. And I know that there are generous people out there who have the heart and mind like me to help these young generation and guide them to the right path and make them a better person and improve our community.

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