With proper maintenance, batteries can last for a long period. However, if it’s time to replace your batteries, you’ll be looking for options.

When you shop for batteries for your electric equipment, you have probably noticed deep cycle batteries, isn’t it? Batteries are batteries, they store energy and give it off needed. While it’s true, not all batteries are equal. This is the same with the deep cycle batteries. So, what does deep cycle battery mean and what are they? Well, understanding the differences between these batteries is crucial if you want to make the most of them.

What Is A Deep Cycle Battery, And How Does It Work?

A deep cycle battery is a type of battery designed to produce more power output for a long period while discharging the battery significantly to a point where it must be recharged to complete the cycle. In contrast, a regular car battery is designed in such a way to provide a quick burst of energy needed for the car to get started and not much more than that. Also, normal car batteries aren’t designed to be cycled as they should be kept in charge all the time.

Deep cycle batteries are marathon runners in the world of batteries. In short, instead of a short burst of energy, deep cycle batteries supply steady power for a much longer period. Unlike car batteries, these type of battery is used to run the vehicle instead of gasoline. If you are wondering if both capabilities exist in a single battery, yes, they do. They are a dual-purpose battery as they handle both starting and cycling the energy, making them an excellent choice for high-powered applications, including RVs, boats, and energy storage systems. You can run all the electrical equipment without the risk of having your battery charged in-between.

The Lifespan of Lithium Deep Cycle Battery

While the lifespan of a deep cycle battery varies considerably how it is used, maintained, charged, temperature, and other factors, they can last for a long period. Overcharging, under-charging, and improper watering can all affect the lifespan of the battery. Also, heat affects the battery as well.

End-Uses of Deep Cycle Batteries

Deep cycle batteries can be used for electrical equipment or machinery that requires continuous power for a longer period of time, including

·         Electric scissor lifts

·         Trolling motors on boats

·         Navigational devices on boats

·         Renewable energy systems

·         Electric scooters

·         Electric golf carts

·         Recreational vehicles

·         Electric forklifts

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